Mark Teixeira Today

Teixeira_1Good Morning Everyone.

I wanted to let everyone know that Rangers first baseman Mark Teixeira will be a guest on ESPN’s Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith today at 5:30 p.m. CT.

On another note, there were some more posts on yesterday about our recent transactions.  Here is what they said.

Signed RHP John Wasdin to a one-year, $600,000 contract. [12/7]

Acquired Rule 5 pick LHP Fabio Castro from the Royals for 2B/3B-R Esteban German. [12/8]

Signed RHPs Jayson Durocher and Jose Silva to minor league contracts with spring training NRIs. [12/9]

Acquired RHP Vicente Padilla from the Phillies for a PTBNL. [12/12]

Acquired OF/1B-L Brad Wilkerson, OF-L Terrmel Sledge, and RHP Armando Galarraga from the Nationals for 2B-R Alfonso Soriano. [12/13]

If there are things to note amidst all of this activity, it is the decision to deal Soriano, Polk_1and taking a chance on Padilla. The Soriano deal should turn out extremely well for the Rangers. They knew exactly what they had in him, and with his paydays about to get a nice boost through arbitration inflation, and Ian Kinsler ready for big league employment, why bother with a second baseman so bad with the glove that his best destination would be DH? So rather than keep the lingering symbol of A-Rod’s Texas sojourn and the regret of it, the Rangers ditched the problem, made room for Kinsler, added at least one and possibly two starting outfielders, and in Galarraga, pocketed a pitching prospect every bit as good as any of their own. That’s not a deal, that’s a rout, like noting that the U.S. paid Mexico for the West and California after the war; a bit of generosity after a robbery must make it easier to deal with the guilt of the crime. I don’t think Texas feels any more guilty than President Polk did, nor should they.

Always noted for his work ethic, Wilkerson is very much a Showalter sort of player. He might step into center, but the Rangers may settle for Gary Matthews should Laynce Nix not get any better. That would put Wilkerson in right, where he’ll be a major upgrade on Richard Hidalgo. That should leave left field to Kevin Mench, but Mench might also be dealt to make room for some combination of Sledge or Jason Botts. And should David Dellucci break down again, the Rangers will definitely be as short-handed as they were last season.

I’m not as gung-ho about Padilla, but that’s because, between the injuries and the performance, this isn’t the workhorse of 2002 or 2003 that the Rangers have added. This is a team always in search of a quality starting pitcher, but I wonder if Padilla isn’t just their latest romance with John Burkett’s pedigree. A lot depends on the PTBNL, but I suppose the Rangers are better off than they would have been waiting out Pedro Astacio to find out if he’d snap back. Maybe.

Have a great day and if something breaks today, I’ll be back to let everyone know.




    Thaks Greg for the updates. I really like the fact that you will be posting these updates. With this, the addition of XM radio, baseball is easier than ever to follow year round. As a life long Ranger fan, since 1972 when I was 4 yrs old, I like the move Daniels has made. He seems cool under fire and not too panicked. Remeber, we also have Frankie Francisco & Carlos Almanzar, who still have a good upside. 61 days until pitcher & catcher report! It would be nice to have another starter but this group will compete!


    Being a recent transplant here and a Braves fan I was hoping to make the Rangers my American League team of record but I don’t see how anyone would think the pitching is anywhere close to competing. I guess I’ve been spoiled through the years with Braves pitching but The Rangers seem to be lacking at least a number 1 and 2 starter. I’ve seen Padilla a lot and he is not the answer. There are good prospects out there now and I don’t see the Rangers doing anything to try to get them. I hope I’m wrong as I’d love to have a great hometown team to go see again.


    Greg, nice start to your blogs. I wasnt sure what to expect, but this is good stuff. Its good to see that you will post your honest opinions. I got a chance to meet you one day when you were with the Mavs (you were getting an MRI or Xray, cant remember) but that day you said a couple things that suprised me about the Mavs. I guess I figured being the PR guy you would sugarcoat everything. This blog should be a good read. Oh and I disagree with the Sori trade, Wilkerson is a good player, decent bat who works hard, in the Rusty Greer mold. However I think these types of players can be found on each team, unlike a no 1 or 2 starter. I wont grade this trade until or IF Daniels trades Mench or Wilkerson for a SP. Look forward to your blogs.


    Ok let me just say this, i’m totally confused, i just check here off the internet off a tv guide website were it didn’t show the epsn’s special that Mark will be a guest isn’t listed off that website, WOULD SOMEONE LIKE MARK PLEASE HELP!!!!! It shows something else in that time slot which is 5:30 CST

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